Quality Assurance Process

Quality Assurance Process

Ensuring that the quality of our products is high and that they are fit-for-purpose for use and consumption is very important to us.

No less important are the social and environmental credentials of the factories that we employ.

Through direct sourcing ourselves we are able to measure vendors' ability to conform to appropriate quality, environmental and ethical standards and put programmes in place to influence the development and improvement of their facilities.

Vendor Assessment Process

  1. Social Compliance and Environmental Audit
    All Yu Lan vendors are, following meeting initial qualification criteria, audited by Yu Lan's qualified auditors against internationally recognised standards (e.g. ethical trading initiative guidelines).
  2. Quality System Audit
    All our vendors have their quality systems assessed as part of the full audit. During this Yu Lan auditors check and verify quality information and certificates (ISO 9000, 14001). The Yu Lan auditors also make assessment of various stages of the manufacturing process to assess whether the vendor is likely to be competent to consistently make the products we require.
  3. Corrective Action
    Not all vendors meet Yu Lan's exacting standards straight away. This offers an opportunity to work to help improve and develop the vendor, enhancing the conditions for employees and the quality of the products. Re-audits are then scheduled to ensure that the corrective action has been carried out
  4. Selection
    Only after once it has been through this process is a vendor selected to be added to our approved vendor register.

Product Assessment Process

Product Quality
All products are specified against the relevant British and European standards, enhanced by specific performance and longevity requirements.

At the front of the process we carry out a risk assessment on the products to identify key standards or European directives that apply. We will then work with out partner testing laboratories to identify the particular testing programme that we will put the product through.

Product Testing
Our products are tested to these requirements by one of our internationally renowned testing partners, SGS, Intertek and TUV Rheinland.

Our products meet all required regulatory requirements including, where required, CE marks.

  • We demand 3rd party test evidence of all products sourced for use in the UK. This testing is carried out by world-renowned partners such as Intertek, SGS
    and TUV.
  • All our products, by law, will meet the General Product Safety Directive, Building regulations and any other applicable EU directives requiring CEmarking.
  • Where appropriate, we source products that have the relevant kitemarks.

Download the full Quality Assurance Process here